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Episode 7 – Finding ‘Your Person’

In this episode, Marisa and Abe rewind back to episode three, and talk about what it means to have ‘a person.’

What defines a ‘person’ — loyalty, honesty, dependability, a combination of all three?

Should your person be your romantic partner, a family member, close friend?

They talk about the qualities that define a ‘person’ and whether brutal honesty is positive or negative — meaning, is it better to approach people in your life with straightforwardness when they need it (even if it might hurt), or is it better to take into consideration who they are and what they need (not sugar-coating, but adapting as to not hurt a person’s feelings)?

Marisa and Abe also discuss romantic relationships, and whether the measure of a strong/healthy connection the ability to be one another’s best friends, or whether there should be a dividing line between what you share with a significant other, and a friend.

All these questions and more in this week’s podcast.

find someone who will value you enough to tell you the truth