how to get unstuck and reclaim your life

How To Get *Unstuck* & Reclaim Your Life

Lately, the energy around me is crazy. Sometimes it’s positive and encouraging; sometimes it’s overwhelming and scary. Either way, I’m continually challenged by the unknowns and it’s unsettling. I don’t know if you can relate, and if you do — I hope you find a small sliver of comfort in reading this piece — but if you’re like me and longing to get *unstuck* and reclaim your life back, here are some ways:

1. Discover what’s making you feel stuck in the first place.

Becoming *unstuck* — personally or professionally — comes from identifying what’s holding you back. Sometimes it’s being stuck in a position that doesn’t feel right. Sometimes it’s your living situation or environment. And sometimes it’s being challenged by relationships and people close to you.

In order to truly heal and reclaim your life, you have to figure out what’s making you feel unsettled and see what changes you can begin to make.

2. Take an honest assessment of where you are.

We’re our own worst critics. While this can be a good thing sometimes — in terms of encouraging us to do better — it can also be negative, too. We have to find the balance between being hard on ourselves, and too tough.

Accepting imperfection is an important (and necessary) part of the process, but you don’t want to settle, either. In order to grow, you must take an honest assessment of who you are, what you’ve accomplished so far, and where you want to go.

3. Draft your own ‘mission statement.’

The power of creating a mission statement is that it forces you to think about your short and long-term goals. This can be both personal or professional. Ask yourself this question: What is the change I want to make or the impact I want to have on the world? In answering that question, you can begin to see where you’re aligned and where you need work.

4. Fill your cup as much as possible.

‘Filling your cup’ means finding things that you love, and pursuing them as much as possible. This can be passion projects, hobbies, or simply time with people you love. When you focus time and attention on those serotonin-building things, you will begin to take power over your life and your happiness.

5. Be conscious of your time.

Time is precious, and as we shift into a highly virtual existence, it’s even more important to be conscious of your time. Be intentional about breaks, work, and regular routines. This will not only help you adjust to new changes, but encourage you to make time for what really matters.

6. Commit to following through.

If you want to reclaim your life, you have to commit. Commit to following through, to showing up for yourself and others, and to doing the work. You have to be willing to make sacrifices sometimes, to work harder than you ever have, and make the necessary (and often difficult) shifts in order to align with your purpose.

7. Stop comparing and stressing over what you can’t control.

You can’t change things that are out of your control. (Read that again.) This is the hardest but most necessary part of life to accept. And when you do, you’ll begin to step into your own power. Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing, if they’re doing ‘better,’ or where you fit. This isn’t a competition; this your life — go at your own pace.

8. Be content with ‘being’ over ‘doing’ sometimes.

In a fast-paced culture, it’s often praised to have a million things on our plate. The hustle mindset can be addicting, especially for entrepreneurs, business owners, or freelancers in particular. Don’t shy away from working hard, but don’t overwhelm yourself, either. Sometimes it’s good to soak things in, rather than trying to fill your plate all the time. Sometimes rest is just as powerful as running forward.

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