In Episode 24 of the VulnerABILITY Podcast, host Marisa Donnelly dives into what it really means to be a creator, entrepreneur, or business owner in a world that largely glorifies these occupations (and isn’t always truthful about them on social media).

“We glorify different careers, lifestyle choices so much,” she says in this episode of the VulnerABILITY Podcast, “But we don’t always share the hard stuff, the real stuff, the nitty-gritty.”

In this podcast episode, Marisa talks about the unfortunate truth that we’re always worried about what everyone else is doing, so much so, that we think everyone else is doing better. We’re constantly looking outside ourselves for validation when truthfully, everyone’s path is different, she says.

“We’re a culture that’s so obsessed with comparisons,” she says, “And we use these comparisons as benchmarks for our success.”

She also shares that there isn’t one ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ career path. “We’ve really latched onto this idea that true ‘success’ depends on how independent you are,” she says, when mentioning the hype around remote or freelance work, “But that’s not necessarily true.”

hardest part of being a creator

In this podcast episode, Marisa talks about the difficult moments and shares personal examples from her own experience in building Be A Light Collective and what that really entails. She shares her desire to find balance and builds on the idea of self-discipline that was discussed in Episode 23 with Kim Walls.

“What people don’t’ talk about is how freaking scary it is to pursue a dream or lifestyle that isn’t the norm.”

And sometimes it’s good to get vulnerable and be truthful about things people often shy away from.

Regardless of whether you’re an entrepreneur or business owner, this is a refreshing podcast filled with honesty and truth. (Click above to listen).