How do you combat failure? How do you REALLY pursue those goals and chase those dreams? Those are two big questions we’re always asking ourselves, and in this podcast, host Marisa Donnelly teams up with Kim Walls (entrepreneur, CEO & Co-Founder of Furtuna Skincare and mom of two) to talk about exactly that (and much more).

Both self-proclaimed workaholics, Marisa and Kim talk about what it means to have a strong work ethic and strategies for getting things done.

“I don’t have motivation for the things I don’t want to do,” Kim says, “That’s where self-discipline comes in.”

Both women talk about self-discipline and how there isn’t an endless supply of willpower in life. When we’re excited about doing things, we do them. When we’re not, it’s hard. But that’s where the discipline comes in.

Episode 23, Self-Discipline with Kim Walls

When you focus on what you don’t want to do first, you’ll overcome your biggest hurdle right from the start.

This is how Kim explains her fortitude in building her businesses, and for Marisa, the same truths manifest themselves in lists. Creating a means for pushing through the ‘hard stuff’ makes what’s more difficult, more exciting. Both also discuss balance, whether it’s really achievable, and how we can <create a sense of balance between our selfish (and important) pursuits, and the care and prioritization of others.

“Seeking completion is a part of how I seek balance…I really need to close the circle, dot the “i’s,” cross the “t’s,” but it’s an exercise in discipline.”
— Kim Walls

For more powerful thoughts on finding motivation, pursuing natural and healthy choices, and to learn about Kim’s career and passion for work, listen to the full podcast above.

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