6 Actionable Steps To Shifting Your Business Online

I am, and always will be an advocate for in-person services. In fact, that’s why one of my biggest goals with my writing/editing services business, Be A Light Collective, is to eventually have a physical space and storefront to serve my clients. That being said, I started Be A Light as a virtual business and I’m so thankful for the ability to be able to work and serve my clients from wherever I am. If you’re thinking about shifting your business online, or want to learn the benefits of working remotely, here are some actionable tips to help you do that.

Dive into virtual, video-based calls and consults:

One of the biggest parts of my business is coaching services. I love helping people with their written work (professional, personal, creative or academic). But as much as I love doing this in-person, I have the opportunity to do it online, too.

As you look at your services and products, consider where and when you can shift to virtual or video calls. Rather than doing an in-person meeting, can you talk over phone? As opposed to sitting down together at a coffee shop to look over your client’s work, can you do a screen-shared Zoom call? Even tutoring or teaching classes: is it possible to do through a screen?

Maybe this isn’t necessarily ideal, but right now, it’s the world we live in. If your goal is shifting your business online, you have to start right here, right now.

Convert your products to PDFs:

Everyone loves getting physical products, there’s no doubt about that. But when we’re asked to social distance and people are less inclined to purchase physical goods, can you offer something more relevant?

What if, instead of pushing products that people are not prioritizing because they’re worried about other things—you gave them via PDF? What if you offered discounts? What if you even gave them away for free?

Changing documents to PDFs is actually pretty easy (and will make your products look more professional, too). You can use a converter website, or, here’s a quick little video for how to change a document to a PDF:

Rely more heavily on social media:

In an online world, finding ways to engage with your audience is invaluable! Social media provides one of the best tools to do that, business-wise and personal, too.

Invest in your social media strategy. Take time to think about your branding, your layout, and the posts you want to share. If possible, use a scheduling tool to keep yourself organized. Think about what products you’d want to advertise, but beyond business, also think about ways you can connect personally with your audience, too. Remember: social media isn’t just about turning a profit. It’s also about showing people who you are, on and off the screen.

Engage your audience to respond and connect:

As you work on being more authentic in your strategy, try to engage your audience. Ask questions that evoke personal responses or leaving an emoji if they feel the same way. Run giveaways or discounts that will encourage people to participate.

Outside of sharing about what you do, simply share about who you are and ask people to share about themselves, too. This connection is the core of your business. Being human is what makes people purchase, not necessarily a marketing strategy.

Make ‘mini-courses’ for services you offer:

In a virtual world, little ‘sneak peeks’ or previews of what you offer can help people to get a taste without investing too much. Especially as people try to prioritize their needs, you want to make what you have to offer as approachable as possible. That’s why ‘mini-courses’ can help tremendously!

If people see what you offer (without having to spend too much – or maybe even at all!) they’ll be more inclined to invest when the time comes.

[Here’s an example: my video series for teachers on the novel, House On Mango Street!]

Turn touchpoints into teachable moments:

Touchpoints are (virtual) places where your audience gets to know you and your business. Perhaps it’s a post you share on LinkedIn, an article on your blog, a comment on Instagram. As you try to shift your business online, think about where your audience experiences these touchpoints and how you can improve them.

Rather than someone simply seeing a positive post on Facebook, can you have that positive post include a discount code? Or an opportunity for someone to write their own response?

These are simple, yet powerful ways to take your content to the next level and engage your audience in meaningful, purchase-driven ways.

Want more ideas? Jump on a free call with me. I’d be happy to help!

Featured Image Credit: John Schonobrich

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