Episode 12 - On Being Enough

Episode 12 – On Being Enough

Have you ever been plagued by the fear of not being ‘enough’? By not having enough time, enough things ‘right,’ enough things done? Are you beating yourself up over a past relationship because of the ways you couldn’t be enough for that person? Are you not enough — even for yourself?

This week’s VulnerABILITY Podcast episode comes from a very painful place, as those words, “I am not enough,” are ones I repeated to myself when I was younger.

In this episode, I’m sharing the truth about overcoming the anxiety and fear of my own insecurities and exploring ways we can be encouraged to quit speaking negatively to ourselves. Rather than focusing on the pursuit of being enough, my challenge is for you to walk into a space of ‘being’.

Highlights From the Episode:

[1:50] “The reality of our lives is that we’re not perfect. There’s so much of our lives that is going to be inadequate, or imperfect… Yet we hold ourselves to these crazy, unreachable standards and then get mad at ourselves and say we’re, ‘not enough.”

[4:10] “Instead of looking at the times that we mess up as catastrophic or as ‘ends,’ we can see them as beginnings. Because after we fall, we can pick up the pieces and find the courage to stand up and move forward and start again… And that’s a beginning.”

[4:30] “If we’re so focused on the ways that we’re not enough, we’re never going to see those mistakes and failed opportunities as new beginnings.”

[11:25] “Why are we choosing to define ourselves and our value by a means that we can’t even accurately measure or determine? We can’t be ‘enough’ or even know what ‘enough’ is because it’s not an achievable state… We’re trying to be ‘enough’ – but what does ‘enough’ look like?”

[16:15] “Focus on your next step, focus on your next goal, focus on the person you want to become. And even if you’re not there yet, it’s okay, because you’re going to move slowly in that direction and you’re going to be patient with yourself… And that’s the most important thing.”

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