Have you ever been plagued by the fear of not being ‘enough’? By not having enough time, enough things ‘right,’ enough things done? Are you beating yourself up over a past relationship because of the ways you couldn’t be enough for that person? Are you not enough — even for yourself?

This week’s VulnerABILITY Podcast episode comes from a very painful place, as those words, “I am not enough,” are ones host Marisa Donnelly repeated to herself when she was younger. This week she shares the truth about overcoming the anxiety and fear of her own insecurities and explores ways we can be encouraged and quit speaking negatively to ourselves. Rather than focusing on the pursuit of being enough, she challenges listeners to walk into a space of ‘being.’

on being enough, VulnerABILITY Podcast episode 12

“‘Enough,’ by definition, means having as much as required – but what if there’s no set amount? What if there’s no right or wrong, or even way to determine what ‘enough’ is or looks like? What if you can’t measure worth on a quantitative scale (which you can’t, by the way).

Why are we choosing to define our value by a means we can’t even accurately measure or determine? We can’t be ‘enough’ or even know what ‘enough’ is because that’s not an achievable state. So why can’t we just be?”

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