how to get over your fear of getting started

How To Get Over Your Fear Of Getting Started

When it comes to fears, we’re more afraid of failing we are of ghosts. We’re scared that we won’t be good enough, that we’ll say or do the wrong thing, that we’ll let people down, or that we’ll flat out regret what we’ve done. Are you plagued by your fear of getting started?

Have you told yourself “I can’t” more than you’ve even entertained the possibility of a ‘yes’?

I’m not an expert on human psychology, but what I do know is that I was SCARED before I officially launched my business. I was INTIMIDATED by all the people doing better than me. And I was STRESSED that I would never be good enough.

But little by little, step by step, I started to overcome it until I finally launched.

To overcome your fear of getting started, you have to understand that fear is actually a good thing.

That palms-sweating, fist-clenching feeling is actually normal. It’s human to get worried before you do something big or potentially life-changing. It’s normal to feel that back-and-forth flip-flop emotion in your belly. And it’s normal to take steps forward and then immediately regret everything.

One of the biggest weights lifted, for me, was when I stopped trying to fight my fear and saw it for what it was—a productive adrenaline rush that pushed me forward—and the more I leaned into it, the more confident I became.

You have to take baby steps.

Maybe you’re like me and you get so damn excited to just start what you’ve been dreaming about. (Trust me, I get it.) But life doesn’t work like that. You can’t just take these giant leaps and expect yourself to always feel confident and excited—no way!

Take one little step at a time. Even if it’s as simple as making a list that starts with, “Brush teeth, eat breakfast,” it’s a small step in the direction of your morning productivity, and honestly, that’s important! Don’t think too big that you paralyze yourself in place.

You have to realize that everyone is in a different place (and this is good).

Before I started Be A Light Collective I was freaking out about how many people were ten steps ahead of me in their careers. I would obsessively scroll through Instagram and compare myself to other writers, small biz owners, and coaches. I would agonize over my following or lack of ‘perfection’ in my website.

But guess what? This did nothing.

And it won’t for you, either. Please, please recognize your unique place and space in your industry and give yourself adequate time to grow into your new role. You’ll get there. It takes time.

And in the end, you must abandon everything and just go.

I say this last piece of advice with caution, of course, but also a bit of reckless excitement, too. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in being ‘prepared’ and ‘smart’ and ‘ready’ that we forget the fundamental role excitement and energy plays in our rush to try something new.

Sometimes you have to take that jump in because that’s where your initial energy lies. If you don’t, you’ll overanalyze your decisions until you no longer want to make them—and then you’ll never discover what could have been! Don’t always think too much. Sometimes let your heart speak first.

Featured Image Credit: Andrea Vehige

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