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6 Sentences To Repeat In Stressful Moments

You can read all the self-help books, study the art of letting go, practice yoga and other calming exercises, and try your best to find peace in the chaos. But ultimately, at some point in your life, you’re going to be stressed by your work, your relationships, or decisions that are looming in your future. This is okay; this is human. But in the craziness of deadlines, agonizing over decisions from the past, or trying to figure out your next steps, here are six sentences to repeat when things get stressful.

Hopefully these sentences center you, relax you, and remind you that tomorrow is another day.

1. This moment does not define me.

Whatever you’re facing right now will not be permanent. Although it may feel like you’ve lost a chance at the job you wanted, let a person you admired down, or broke a promise that you won’t be able to redeem yourself from, there is still hope. We are not defined by our mistakes, but how we grow from them.

Don’t let a negative or stressful moments dictate your mindset or your future.

2. I am more than my past and continuously rising towards my future.

The times you’ve failed, the mistakes you’ve made, the roads that you’ve walked down that you may be teetering towards right now—this is the past. You have to leave it there. Understand that these stressful moments are awful, yes, but they are not everything.

One day you won’t be standing where you are right now. You’ll instead look back at the places you’ve been and understand that you had to go through hard times to become the resilient person you are today. Look at your past with an understanding that you are always growing, changing, and rising towards your future.

3. I can do this.

Yes, you can. Whatever ‘this’ is—confronting a boss, discussing your future with a significant other, requesting a raise, standing up to a bully, etc.—empower yourself to move forward with confidence.

The only limitation you have is yourself.

4. I am in control of all that I can be.

In stressful moments, you have to remind yourself of this: you can’t control everything.

People will leave, opportunities will disappear, your best-laid plans will completely flop. It’s not about making everything perfect, it’s about understanding that the only thing you have control of is your actions, attitude, and heart. And if you focus on those things and let the others go, you’ll slowly start to find peace.

5. I will fight through this storm.

You are a fighter. There are many things you’ve gone through so far, and you have to focus on them in order to empower yourself through your difficult, stressful moments. Don’t shy away or cower in fear; stand up to whatever demons you’re facing and realize that you’re far more powerful than you think.

6. This will pass and I will be okay.

Say this to yourself over and over and over: I will be okay.

Moments will shift, hearts will soften, people and perspectives will change, and most of all, whatever darkness has been following you will lift. You just have to trust the universe to move according to plan.

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