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5 Tips For Finding Your Voice & Owning Your Professional Worth

One of the most beautiful things, in my opinion, is stepping into your professional worth and identity. This is a shift from finding your personal identity (which doesn’t always come hand-in-hand, by the way) into knowing who you are and what you can offer from a business standpoint.

Finding your voice and owning your professional worth is about learning not only who you are as a business person, but what you can offer. It’s about empowering yourself to say ‘yes’ to the right clients, articulate your rates and expectations with confidence, and actively pursue business opportunities.

It’s knowing that what you have to offer is valuable, and giving yourself the strength to go after it.

If this makes you nod your head yes enthusiastically, then here are some tips for doing exactly that:

1. Focus on your strengths and how you share them both in-person and online.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but your strengths are obviously what will encourage your potential customers and clients to invest in you. If you don’t know how to showcase your strengths, you’re going to lose out on opportunities. It’s as simple as that.

How you share your strengths is all about what information you choose to talk about (in-person) or put online (website/portfolio).

Think about your resume and website as a stranger’s peek into who you are. You’ll want the best pieces of writing, best client reviews, and most organized layout for when people browse your page. If you’re in an interview setting, you’ll want to highlight the best qualities and situations to reflect your ability to create, adapt, and think independently.

When you prioritize your strengths and sharing them, it will help you to shape your documents and webpages around what truly makes you the right fit.

2. Use your past experiences to boost your resume/CV.

Your strengths aren’t just about what you can do in the present. Quite often you can share your strengths in ways you’ve overcome different things, problem-solved, or created solutions for your clients or coworkers.

Your past experiences shouldn’t be neglected. Find a way to craft them into your interviews, definitely! Beyond that, anywhere you can mention past employment or skills related to specific opportunities for your online portfolio(s), do so (without taking away from the organization or construction of the website, of course).

3. Define and celebrate your hard and ‘soft’ skills.

Your ‘hard’ skills are the skills that are teachable or easily measurable. For example, your proficiency with a specific program or certification you may have. Your ‘soft’ skills are what make you the right fit. Depending on what you’re applying for, or considering pursuing, a ‘soft’ skill might be your effective communication, easygoing nature, or time management.

As you’re looking to own your voice and professional worth, define and celebrate both of your skillsets. This will not only boost your confidence, but help you weed out opportunities that might not make the most sense.

4. Create a framework for showcasing yourself.

Ask yourself these questions: What do I want people to know about me? What do I stand for These questions will not only teach you about what you value, but help to shape your future professional decisions.

As you answer those questions, think about how the answers shape what you want to present both in-person and online. Use this as a framework to share about yourself, your values, your offers, and why you will be the perfect fit for potential customers/employees.

5. Speak confidently to and about yourself.

Above all, finding your voice and owning your professional worth is largely dependent on how you perceive and talk about yourself. If you’re saying things like, “I can kind of do that…” or “I’m okay…” or something along those lines, you’re not speaking with confidence. And unfortunately, confidence is what gets clients, customers, and job opportunities.

The first step to getting someone to believe in you, is believing in yourself.

As you’re given potential opportunities, speak highly about the services you can offer and why you can bring value to the potential person/company of interest. When you’re given a chance to explain your mantra or philosophy, practice saying it to yourself (many times) beforehand so you can speak eloquently and proudly.

Remember: You have so much to offer, but securing those opportunities has to start with you.

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