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Growth Mindset: How A Positive Perspective Boosts Productivity

I am a firm believer in the idea that positivity can change your entire life. If you think positive thoughts, you create positive thoughts. (Think Law of Attraction or any manifestation workshop.) When you tell yourself that good things will happen to you, and even more so, when you believe that good things will happen to you, then they will. It really is that simple.

But getting there is the hard part. Getting there is all about teaching yourself to focus on the good, even when you don’t get that promotion, when you fail, or when things don’t go as planned. Getting there is all about focusing on the right things and leaving room for yourself to grow.

And when you have a mindset of growth, where you’re focusing on the good as a means to motivate you forward, you’ll get to where you need to go. Here’s how:

A positive perspective gives you options.

When you’re a positive person, you’re looking for options, rather than giving up at the first sign of trouble. If something doesn’t go your way, rather than throwing in the towel, you’re thinking about ways you can fix your problem or constructively move forward.

With a positive perspective, you’re never stuck. There’s always another road, another way, another step you can take.

A positive perspective shapes your thinking.

Thinking positively takes you out of a “poor-me” mindset and into one of empowerment.

When something goes wrong, you’re not feeling defeated or telling yourself negative thoughts. Instead, you’re guided by hope. You’re telling yourself “I can” and “I will” until you push through.

A positive perspective encourages you to find solutions, rather than excuses.

When you have a positive perspective, there’s nothing that stands in your way. Sure, you’ll get let down and be disappointed, and sure, you’ll hit dead ends from time to time. But when you’re focused on good things, you’ll create and discover answers where there weren’t any.

You’ll make a solution for yourself, rather than an excuse.

A positive perspective teaches you to never give up.

Living with a positive perspective means you’ve actively decided to not be a quitter. When things don’t go your way (which is inevitable, by the way) you remind yourself that good things can come out of terrible situations. There is still light, even in the darkness and you will find it eventually.

Although you have, and will continue to hit roadblocks, you find ways to keep moving, no matter what.

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