[A note from Marisa Donnelly, podcast host] — It’s been a while. I feel like I’ve said that so often in the last few months, as I’ve attempted (and failed) to juggle a lot more than I originally planned. In launching my business and freelancing full-time, I’m struggling. Not to mention trying (desperately) to keep up with everyday life. It’s hard! And I’ve been faced with a lot of fear about simply starting.

But there is power in simply starting. There is power in saying “yes,” in stepping forward, in trying—even if you’re not quite ready.

That’s what I bring to you in today’s long-awaited Episode 11 of the VulnerABILITY Podcast. I bring you an honest stream of thoughts, anxieties, truths, and love as I share my journey of podcasting (or lack thereof), keeping up with my messy life, and the moments in-between. I hope these words bring you comfort in knowing that even if you feel like you’re falling behind, you’re not. Even if you feel you’re not ready, you are. And even if you’re worried you’re “less” in comparison to those around you, you’re doing just fine. Just start.

power of simply starting, episode 11

Excerpts: “This is about saying yes to things in your life that you want to do instead of being afraid of them, instead of making excuses why you can’t. This is about starting something that you’ve wanted to do for so long, but for some reason have held yourself back. This is about going forward and believing that you’re capable—and not worrying whether or not you compare to the person next to you…”