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Episode 28 – It’s About Progress, Not A Quick Fix (Ft. Dr. Ellie Katz)

A large part of our lives is spent unlearning negative habits, removing self-sabotaging thoughts, and honing in on our purpose. In this VulnerABILITY Podcast episode, host Marisa Donnelly and guest Dr. Ellie Katz, a leading holistic psychotherapy practitioner, discuss these limiting behaviors and how to combat them in order to grow.

In this episode with Dr. Katz, you’ll hear us talk about addiction and the weight of being a perfectionist. We discus how self-doubt can hinder you. And we hone in on the idea that life is about progress not a quick fix. The sooner we remember that (and focus on positivity!) the happier and stronger we’ll be.

Highlights from the Episode:

[2:25] “We see that people just, time and time again, can’t get out of their own way. People take what gifts they have from the universe and somehow louse them up.”

[3:25] “Ultimately [a bad habit is] self-destructive. It doesn’t promote your greater good and you don’t shine.”

[14:40] “If you master good mood, relaxation, love and kindness, forgiveness, flexibility and discipline, what more do you need?

[15:00] “If you have a life that you’re proud of, a life that you have crafted—irrespective of your success in work, or wealth or popularity—it isn’t about that. If you live with yourself, [that’s] gorgeous… It’s a dream, but it’s obtainable.”

[15:10] “You can bring into your conscious awareness, ‘Where am I regarding good mood?’ …The ‘good mood people’ are a joy to be around. They’re optimistic, they’re positive.”

[15:35] “What is optimism? Optimism is looking towards the future – which doesn’t exist — and thinking that it’s going to work out rather than [thinking] it’s going to stink.”

[16:30] “You must find a way to build up an arsenal that ensures your good mood. It’s essential.”

[17:45] “Everybody has their own definition of what’success’ is. And once we figure out that success is really about our mindset, and about our positivity and about building ourselves up… rather than these self-destructive habits…that’s where we find our true success. Not in how much money we make, or how great our job is, etc.”

[19:50] “What’s important, what really matters at the end of the day? It’s not the fame, the success, the popularity, the money, the body — none of that. It’s how you can live with yourself and be proud of yourself.”

[21:30] “[Change] is uncomfortable. You have to take away those things that are self-sabotaging you. You have to get to your core. You have to be really vulnerable and uncomfortable… And then we have to take that – where you really are – and build you up.”

[24:00] “When do we take time to really speak love over the people around us and be really intentional? It’s such a small thing, but it resets us, too.”

[26:00] “It’s about the progress, not about a quick fix or being perfect.”

[29:40] “You can’t put energy on the ‘I don’t.’ You have to put energy towards positive things. There isn’t don’t in the universe.”

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