What is vulnerability? What is self-love? This week’s podcast dives deep as Marisa, with special guest, Brendan Burns (Entrepreneur, Influencer, and Life & Business Coach), talk about how to shed your skin and live authentically—even, and especially—if that means changing your entire direction.

In this episode, Marisa and Brendan discuss toxic relationships and how those are often the catalysts for self-growth. Brendan opens up about his family life and shares that because of the dysfunction, he was drawn to self-discovery. Marisa talks about her process in self-care and how this is ongoing and difficult, yet valuable.

In terms of romantic relationships, both Marisa and Brendan talk about the value of self-love and and romantic love existing simultaneously. They discuss connection to others can be a form of self-love, too. Self-love is about pursuing yourself, yes, but it’s also about honoring what makes you happy (and if relationships make you happy, that’s not a bad thing!).

episode 13, self-love and shedding our skin

Other highlights of the episode: vulnerability. Both Marisa and Brendan define vulnerability on their own terms, and how shedding your skin is useful for building both self and romantic love. They also dive into relationship non-negotiables and whether it’s a good thing to have standards, or if that keeps people at arm’s length.

PS: You can watch the video of this podcast: right here.