Self-Love & Shedding Your Skin (ft. Brendan Burns)

Episode 13 – Self-Love & Shedding Our Skins (Ft. Brendan Burns)

What is vulnerability? What is self-love? This week’s podcast dives deep as Marisa, with special guest, Brendan Burns (Entrepreneur, Influencer, and Life & Business Coach), talk about how to shed your skin and live authentically—even, and especially—if that means changing your entire direction.

In this episode, Brendan and I discuss toxic relationships and how these are often catalysts for self-growth. Brendan opens up about his family life and shares that because of the dysfunction, he was drawn to self-discovery. I share my road to healthy self-care and how this is ongoing and difficult, yet valuable.

In terms of romantic relationships, both of us speak to the value of self-love, relationship non-negotiables, and romantic love existing simultaneously. We discuss how connection to others can be a form of self-love, too.

Self-love is about pursuing yourself, yes, but it’s also about honoring what makes you happy (and if relationships make you happy, that’s not a bad thing!).

Highlights From the Episode:

[5:20] “When I was isolating myself, there was definitely a… disconnection with self-love. If I was truly loving myself, I would have been more in touch with what makes me happy.”

[6:30] “Maybe you have your wall up. And maybe you need to love yourself enough to chip away at that wall.”

[38:30] “Relationships require work and commitment by both parties. After the ‘honeymoon phase’ things can change a lot. But just in general, things can happen… babies, layoffs… those are the real tests of a relationship. Can you come together?”

[45:10] “You can read all the relationship books you want… and do all the right things… but it also has to come from that other person, too. You can better yourself, but if the person you’re in a relationship with isn’t willing to meet you halfway, then it’s all going to fall apart.”

[48:20] “I think there can be analysis paralysis. I think that working on self-love, your relationship with yourself, [and] being vulnerable [can] attract a healthy partner.”

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