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6 Tips For Creating Strong & Shareable Blog Content

You can write your heart out and post as many articles as possible but people aren’t going to be reading or sharing these posts unless you tap into what they actually care about. Being a good writer isn’t enough. You have to create strong and shareable blog content that people will love not only reading, but hitting that ‘share’ button and getting their friends reading, too.

Tip #1: You have to know your audience.

This sounds simple, but honestly, most people overlook it! Keeping up with statistics, reads, shares, and networks can seem overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. Fortunately for us, social media sites make it super easy to check in with your followers and likes.

Take a bit of time to browse your Insights. This will give you valuable information about your audience demographics: sex, age, time online, location, etc. that will be invaluable for creating content that reaches them directly.

Tip #2: Understand what your audience cares about.

Beyond knowing your audience, you actually need to know what they care about. Insights will tell you important clues about the basics, but beyond that, it’s important to pay attention to posts that seem to resonate or get the most comments.

Interactions are super important for your social media profiles and blog posts. It’s not enough that people ‘like’ your post—they need to share, comment, or engage in some way with their network. The posts that drive the most traffic tell you a lot about your audience’s values. [For example, I get the most traction with vulnerable posts and book giveaways. This has shown me that a) my audience values authenticity and b) my audience has a large portion of writers and readers who care about saving money, checking out poetry, and taking advantage of freebies and good opportunities! This has shaped not only what I write and post, but how I do it.]

Tip #3: Know what’s really shareable.

When it comes to social media shares, research shows that people share things in this order: interesting (61%), important (43%) and funny (43%). Knowing this can help to shape not only what you present to your audience but the tone you use.

That being said, you always want to consider your industry and job focus. If you run a law firm, for example, you might want to stay away from informal language or humor as it might not be appropriate. That being said, on a Facebook page you may have more room to be silly with your posts—depending on whether or not that’s applicable—and that can give you a different way to engage your audience.

Tip #4: Diversify your content.

There’s research that supports both short and long-form content. In my opinion, there’s value to both. With short-form content you can boost SEO with less effort and engage readers who are likely to skim-and-scan or have short attention spans (which to be honest, is the majority of internet users!). With long-form content you can ensure that readers stay for a longer time on your page. You can also use things like affiliate links and other tools to help them engage while they read.

In my opinion, creating a healthy balance of both is important.

Tip #5: Amp up your aesthetic.

Posts aren’t enough. You need pictures and videos, too. Having visuals can add to the interest of your article. Be honest: how often are you drawn to something because of the featured image? I’m guilty of this—that’s why I always prioritize having a good image with the pieces I write (especially those I’m looking to share on social media). I picture really is worth a thousand (more) words.

Tip #6: Be unique.

When a reader comes to your site or pages, you want to give them YOU. There are millions of articles on the internet. What makes your stand out? What is it about your content that will keep them coming back?

Whether this is writing vulnerably about your story, giving tips and tricks you’ve personally used, or sharing about products you love—find a way to be authentic and unique and that will naturally create strong and sharable blog content.

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