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To Be Successful, You Must First Be Intentional

What does success truly mean? Honestly, I feel that the definition is continually changing (especially in today’s digital, remote, advanced, and ever-growing age). In the past, success was defined primarily by money, and in all honesty, to some extent it is. But that’s not the only measure of it.

Today, success is determined by many factors—growth, adaptability, engagement—just to name a few. Depending on what your business or message is, you may consider yourself successful based upon influence, change, or even something with no monetary value at all, like personal or customer happiness.

Regardless of how you define success, however, the root of it begins with intentionality. Continue reading

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7 Ways To Spark Creativity In A Schedule That Dries You Up

To be honest, this past month I’ve had to literally remind myself to breathe. I’ve always been a person who loves the rush, the busyness, the crazy feeling you get when you’re pulled in three hundred directions and have to work like hell to pull it all off…but yikes. I need a breather, too. You know?

Maybe I’ve always felt the need to prove myself (to others, to my own mind) or maybe I just work better under self-imposed pressure? I don’t know. Regardless, one thing I’m sure of is the fact that no matter how wild my schedule and life gets, I always make time for my passions. And so I wanted to remind you of this:

Being busy doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice creativity.

So whether your full-time job is stealing all your time, you’re finding yourself falling asleep before 10 p.m. totally exhausted, or you’re surrounded by people and things that are sucking all the life out of you, here are seven ways you can spark creativity, even when it’s tough. Continue reading

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15 Emotion-Based Writing Prompts For Digging Deep

It’s one thing to write efficiently, it’s entirely different to write effectively, but neither of those would be possible (for creative work) without writing emotionally.

These fifteen prompts will help you to dive into your feelings, challenge you to think deeply about some of the more personal topics in your life, and bridge the gap between your experiences and the characters on the page.

Prepare to be pushed into a more vulnerable realm of thinking and creating. 🙌💡 Continue reading

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5 Tips To Setting (And Accomplishing) Meaningful Goals


1. Simplify your task list.

Take a deep breath and evaluate what you need to accomplish. What does your to-do list consist of? Are you adding unnecessary items to feel ‘busier,’ all the while unconsciously stressing yourself out? Are you considering daily ideas/goals that are unneeded when it comes to larger, long term tasks? Are the items you ‘must do’ even mandatory, or are you just pressured to feel that way?

Take a moment and go through your task list. Eliminate anything that isn’t essential, isn’t moving you forward, or isn’t on track with the other items. If needed, create multiple lists for different activities/projects/jobs etc. or based upon time, for example, a list for your weekly vs. monthly goals.

When you can simplify your list, it helps to keep you productive, yet considerably less stressed.
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Overcoming Creative And Professional Anxiety

I wish there was a hard and fast rule, a quick fix, an easy answer for overcoming personal and professional anxiety. I wish there was a way we could ‘get over’ certain fears or apprehensions, and move forward without anything holding us back. The unfortunate news is that there isn’t—yet, there are many strategies that can help to ease some of the constant pressure and empower us to move forward with level-headed minds.

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