Navigating the Temporary

Episode 5 – This Temporary Life (ft. Abe Lopez)

In this week’s VulnerABILITY Podcast, host Marisa Donnelly and guest Abe Lopez dive into the big topics of life, death, and meaning. From discussing ‘bucket lists’ and ‘perfect days’ to what they would do if they were told they only had twenty-four hours to live, this episode centers on the beautiful fragility of this temporary life, and how there is so much value in creating happiness in the present moment instead of forever searching for it.

Do you ever feel like you’re running out of time? Have you ever been in a situation where you realized that life is truly fragile? That loved ones won’t be here forever? A painful topic, but necessary nonetheless. This week Abe and I talk about death. We talk about this temporary life. And we talk about giving life a meaning through living the best way that we can.

When confronted with tragedy or end of life, it’s easy to think of ‘bucket list’ items. But what if you thought about them right now? What if you chose to seek and create happiness in the present moment?

Highlights From the Episode:

[2:40] “We tend to reprioritize the most important things with the less meaningful things, only when we’re threatened with death… Only when we’re faced with death, the things that were seemingly important, are no longer important.”

[3:10] “Realize that this life that you have is precious, and really enjoy that. Because all you’re really guaranteed is what you have right now… You’re not guaranteed a tomorrow.”

[14:35] “There are times that I have given into fear and not acted to my fullest potential. Death, or even the idea of death, is good at [making us think about] that.”

[15:15] “What would you do if you had 24-hours left to live? …I never once saw somebody say, ‘You know, I would probably stay at home and do the same thing I do every day.”

[15:50] “Why do you have to be threatened in your life to do something spontaneous or something that will actually make you happy? Why does it take a threat of a foreign object invading your life for you to take a risk?”

[26:30] “You only have one life to live, and I’m not saying ‘go do reckless stuff,’ I’m saying, ‘What makes you happy?’ …if it makes you happy, is it really stupid?”

[30:40] “Your whole life has been a journey to figuring it [your purpose] out… At the end of the day, looking back at the life you’ve lived, you’ve carved your own path into something that made meaning, and was meaningful, with the people you love surrounding you.”

[37:15] “Because we’re capable of [so much]… and because we’re miracles at work, I think that if I were to ask you, ‘What would you do with the last 24-hours of your life?’ I’m hoping that, after these last 36 minutes, your answers have shifted.”

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