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Episode 10 — How To Think For Yourself (And Why It’s Important)

What does it mean to truly ‘think for yourself’? Especially in a world that is so highly influenced by others, by experiences, by life decisions, by pain, etc.

In this week’s #VulnerABILITY Podcast, Marisa and Abe jump into controversial topics headfirst. Their thought process? To honor the title and intention of the podcast: to be vulnerable, raw, and real about both personal and worldly topics, in an effort to create transparency and a safe space for people to express thoughts and ideas.

This week, as a reflection on Pride Weekend celebrated across the United States, Marisa and Abe bring up gay rights under the umbrella of personal choices, and discuss the important belief they both share—that each person’s choice, perspective, decision, opinion, thoughts should be his or her own.

They discuss Christianity, faith, and identity. They touch on biases and group mentalities, and above all, empower listeners to think for themselves, even in topics that prove to be complicated, heavy, or misunderstood.

how to think for yourself

The biggest takeaway? Let your thoughts be your own.