Ep. 15 - Imperfect is Perfect

Episode 15 – Imperfect IS Perfect (On Self-Love & Growth)

What are you forever in pursuit of? Is it a relationship, promotion, success, fame? Is it your true self? Having or being the ‘best’? In this week’s podcast, Marisa gets real about her perfectionism and endless desire to be a flawless version of herself. She talks about the unrealistic expectations we put upon ourselves and the way our search for more actually pulls us away from experiencing all that is.

Highlights From the Episodes:

[3:20] “When we hear the word, ‘imperfection,’ we think, right away, negative. Not good, not perfect, not there… We always put a ‘not’ in front of it.”

[4:15] “In essence, it doesn’t really matter if we are imperfect, because our God is perfect. Because our God sees us in our imperfection and loves us anyway — that’s the perfect kind of love. So then it doesn’t matter all the ways we don’t measure up. It doesn’t matter that we’re not blameless, that we have sin, that we fall short. What matters is that our God is perfect. And that we’re trying to love, and serve, and honor our God.”

[5:00] “We need to find… a love for imperfection… We want to fully acknowledge that imperfection is a part of us and that’s okay. But we don’t want to stop there.”

[6:00] “Don’t let your imperfection make you still, but let it propel you forward. Not to perfection, because we know that we won’t achieve that… But we want to use our imperfection to become better people.”

[6:10] “Every mistake that we make, every chance that we blow, every failure that we have only grows us. Yes, these are things that are called setbacks. And they’ll momentarily root us or push us back, but when we grow and overcome them, we become better people, stronger people, better lovers, better Christians… whatever that is for you, you become that as you embrace your imperfection.”

[15:20] “How often do we really sit down and say, ‘This relationship is imperfect and I love it because of that’? And when do we say that to ourselves: This life, this person, me — I am freaking imperfect but I love myself because of that?'”

[16:45] “We can’t keep wasting so much time on this earth focusing on the chase, focusing on the next thing, focusing on perfection as in, ‘Once I have this thing everything will finally fall into place and be good, and be beautiful and I’ll be happy…’ We have to stop. We have to accept that where we are is good. And who we are is good enough. And then, from there, move forward.”

[19:15] “It’s okay to be imperfect because we are imperfect. So, love that imperfect. Imperfect is perfect. But don’t stop there. Become better, become stronger, give give give and grow grow grow and stop worrying so much about what you’re gaining because the gains will come.”

The Biggest Takeaway:

It’s okay to be imperfect, so we must love that imperfect while striving to be stronger and better every single day.

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