What are you forever in pursuit of? Is it a relationship, that ‘ideal’ sort of love? Is it a promotion or money? Is it fame? Success? Your true self? Having or being the ‘best’?

In this week’s podcast, Marisa gets real about her perfectionism and exactly how she struggles with the endless desire to be the flawless version of herself. She talks about the unrealistic expectations we put upon ourselves and the way that our endless search for more actually pulls us away from experiencing all that is.

“We can’t spend so much time on this earth focusing on the chase, focusing on the next thing, focusing on perfection as in once we’ll get there everything will finally be perfect,” she says. Instead, she says that we should learn to both understand and acknowledge that where we are is good, and who we are is good enough. From there, we move forward.

episode 15, Imperfect IS Perfect

She also talks about imperfection and shifting our perspective so that we see imperfect as perfect. Rather than talking down to ourselves, we see ourselves as worthy and enough. Yet, constantly pushing to be better, too.

It’s okay to be imperfect because we ARE imperfect. So we must love that imperfect and understand that imperfect is perfect because who we are, and our lives—that’s beautiful! But we can’t stop there. We must continue forward, grow, give, and work on becoming better every day.

This encouraging podcast will meet you where you are and get you moving.