no failure only trying

Episode 27 – There’s No Failure, Only Trying (ft. Rebecca Binnendyk)

If you try and fail, is it really failure? This is the question host Marisa Donnelly and guest Rebecca Binnedyk, singer/songwriter based in Ontario, Canada, dive into in this week’s VulnerABILITY Podcast. Both in creative industries, Marisa and Rebecca share the journey of finding their voices, learning what they’re passionate about, and following their hearts.

From jumping at opportunities and pushing back against fear, to recognizing that failure doesn’t actually exist (because it’s the trying that’s the journey and the success), this episode is packed with content that I truly feel passionate about.

Highlights from the Episode:

[5:00] “I think it’s really important to remember not to judge the past you…Just accept who that was and accept who [you] are today. And whatever we’re going through, whatever challenges or joys we have in our life at that time are to be celebrated… [We need] to embrace the voice we have currently, today, in the present.”

[6:00] “If you’re too afraid to just let those words out, you’re not really going to find, at the core, what your voice is.”

[6:15] “Courage will overcome fear. But you have to choose courage over and over again.”

[8:15] “There are outcomes that might not go your way… but it’s better to step out and try than spend the rest of my life thinking ‘what if.'”

[13:40] “As a thinker, I think sometimes we think too much…a skill I’ve learned is to listen to my visceral response… I close my eyes for a minute and I just imagine myself saying yes, and how does my body feel? Literally listen to your body: Is it excited? Is it stressed?

[17:13] “Am I being discouraged by lies I’ve been telling myself for years? And how can I change that narrative?”

[19:10] “It’s a butterfly effect in the world. Can you imagine if artists just didn’t do what they do? It wouldn’t be the same place. We can’t adopt [negative] thinking… It’s dangerous to adopt that [kind of] thinking. Because if we stop doing what we do, then there are people who don’t get touched [and] that miss out on our message.”

[21:05] “It all ties together: trying to find your voice in the world and recognizing that your voice is valuable in whatever context. Whether that’s through words, through music, or through something that’s not creative at all — through work or even your role in the family. It’s discovering what that is, [and] understanding that you have worth. And then asking, ‘Okay, now how do I take what I have and give it back to the world?

[23:10] “I think that [it’s] important for every single person out there [to ask themselves] Why are you doing what you do?

[28:00] “I’ve succeeded because I tried. And I think that’s a really important takeaway for everyone.”

[29:12] “Just stay positive and trusting. There’s no failure, there’s only trying.”

[29:22] “The trying is the journey. And if doesn’t end up exactly how you wanted it, it’s still worth going for.”

[29:25] “Most of the time you’ll get some kind of personal growth or a life lesson out of [failure]. And isn’t that worth everything? Even if it hurts along the way. It’s still worth it. Because I think you grow, and you learn—about yourself, about the world, about other people—and I think that’s really valuable.”

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