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“I want to be the kind of person who breathes authenticity into everything she does. Who, from the moment you meet her, is filled with light and energy and exudes that so overwhelmingly, you can’t help but feel it in your bones when she leaves.”

— Marisa Donnelly

“I am English Department Chair, a teacher with 39 years of experience and a District Literacy Coach. I say that not to impress – but for you to understand how impressed I am with Ms. Donnelly. She is one of the best student teachers I have worked with.” (more…)

Deadra Stanton

“Marisa is an inspiration and a talent. Her words are eloquent and universal. She has a way of making you feel like you can relate in every piece. Not only her blog posts, but her poetry. She is passionate about what she does and passionate about connecting with her readers. That genuine energy makes a huge difference and sets her apart in the literary community.” (more…)

Elizabeth Newman