“Have authenticity,” “Be your most authentic self.” We hear these messages in mainstream media, from the mouths of well-meaning coaches, and in all the self-help books we read. But what does it really mean to live with authenticity? Especially in a world that’s telling you who to be and what to do?

After a four-month break from recording, Marisa jumps back in with a podcast on finding your true self. She talks about comparison and how that can keep you from doing the things you love and truly making a difference. She shares her personal insecurities about her podcast and how that held her back from recording.

And she pushes back against the idea that there is a ‘right’ way or ‘perfect’ formula for being yourself.

People will tell you that there’s a ‘foolproof way’ or a ‘best practice’ of doing something. Truthfully, though, there’s no ‘formula’ or ‘business model’ for building you. Authenticity is key.

“You have to find what you feel inside and go with it,” Marisa says, as she relates to struggles both personally and professionally. One of the biggest obstacles about being human is learning that finding yourself is not a quick process, but it’s an essential one.

This episode dives into passions, being a good person (family member, parent, business person, etc.) and finding your truth in life’s messiness. If you like what you hear, feel free to send a message!